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It’s here!! Bamboo & Lemongrass Deep Tissue Treatments are now being offered @Grounded

This 90minute treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Call for your appointment!!

New Treatment Sneak Peak!

Coming this September is our new Bamboo & Lemongrass Treatment with Deep Tissue!!!

90 minutes of relaxing warmed oils and deep tissue work to stimulate circulation, lubrication of the joints, and improved skin and muscle tone.


Low Back Pain


Most low back pain can be reduced with work in the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) and or the Glute & Pirformis muscles. Get into see your therapist so they can narrow down your symptoms, and lesson your pain. Sometimes, managing the pain is all we can do and the more we understand where the pain is coming from, the more we can help eliminate the discomforts we may be experiencing.

Cheers to Girls Weekends!

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imagePrenatal Massage Treatments can be performed at any stage of the pregnancy as long as there is communication between client and therapist. Safety and the mother to be’s comfort is our number one priority.

Whitewater Hot or Cold Stone Therapy


Whitewater Stone Massage uses stones that are chosen by hand at the Whitewater riverbed to customize a unique treatment just for you!

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday:

One hour Medical Massage $45

Call 760.848.8587


Mothers Day Special

Treat yourself or someone special to a pampering and relaxing experience!!! Here in the desert, we value hydration so let us care for you for about 90 minutes… then teleport you back to reality. 

60 minute hydrating massage & foot scrub $60 


Grounded Bodyworks now has four treatment rooms including one for couples massage, reflexology and acupuncture!


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