Labor Day Special

Labor Day Weekend Specials:

One hour Swedish massage…$50
One hour Hot Stone massage…$60
One hour Deep Tissue massage…$60

Add Ons:
Reflexology Treatment…$15

Paraffin Hand Treatment







Grand Opening!!!

Grounded Bodyworks now has four treatment rooms including one for couples massage, reflexology and acupuncture!


Join us on Pinterest!!!

Join us on Pinterest!!!

We’re on Yelp!

Facial Massage


Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are now available at our Wellness Center

Biotone essential oils are also available including blends for respiratory assistance


Therapist Offer!

BiotoneHello my therapist friends! If you are interested in saving shipping costs then this offer is for you!

For $10 you can come by my office in Palm Springs or Cathedral City and fill up your 8oz. bottle! Or 2 for $18

I have Biotone products and will have most product available right away:

Cocoa lotion, Advanced Therapy lotion, Muscle & Joint cream, Nutri-Naturals lotion & oil, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy lotions, Herbal Face & Foot lotions. Just send me an email or blog reply.

Help me welcome…Summer Hours

This summer I am dividing my time between offices. Please look at the new hours for scheduling. You know I tend to make exceptions, so please call with any questions you may have…therapuetic massage related…this isn’t “Dear Jenny” :)

I will be out of the office May 23rd and returning June 3rd, however I can set you up with my associate Therapists if you cannot wait for me to return. I will also need a few minutes after returning to catch up, so please go easy on me. Although, those that are reading this already know this and those that need to read it are not online! Oy vey

I look forward to seeing everyone this summer! It’s going to be a hot one! I will have iced water and yes…I wash my lemon slices!

Namaste, Jenn


Different, But Not Really

During this busy season I have been given the opportunity in working on some really different body types that are in many different lines of work; Dance & Yoga Instructors, Coaches, CrossFit Athletes & Trainers, Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians, People from L.A. (yes they have their own category), Teachers, Therapists, Lawyers, Children Athletes and just last week I had a client from the Save a Chimp Foundation in Florida! Everyone is so different…except for one thing! They all benefited from a massage.

Thank you for a busy season, and thank you to my regulars! Once Coachella winds down, we can get ready for Stage Coach! Giddy up!!!

MassageBook Friday Focus


Thank you MassageBook for your fabulous staff!!! Everyone has been so motivational and supportive and I have had so much fun exchanging emails while building my profile. Wyatt, I really appreciate the time you took to make my profile look so fabulous! And…you’re hilarious! And Laurie Volkmann, thank you. You seem lovely, and genuine. I appreciate the ongoing support, and funny emails ;) I look forward to my partnership with MassageBook and to the many benefits you make available to us!!! Cheers


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